Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Me Back~!!xD

Wahoa.. just back from HOSpital last fri.... aik.. damn sien.. often school reminds aboud DENGUE.. i never thought i will KENA T.T Dengue is really scary.. aik.. first day i kena, i was so damn suffering.. it was thursday...>< then friday.. WORSE... the third day.. can't tahan edi.. masuk wad>< as my younger brother also kena dengue...>< but his was the 6th day.. and i was the third.. because of THIS.. i have to stay ward for 7 miserable days..>< while my bro just stayed one night.. yerrrrr... so envy le...>< you know what? Hospital isn't a really nice place to stay><
i hate malaysian hospitals.. like too full inside then keep shifting my ward.. from 4A bed 1,stayed one night.. damn cold>< to 5C bed 17, this one okay... stayed two nights.. then dunno for what heaven sake i'm back to 4A again.. but bed 23... damn noisy here.. got one damn fat uncle was beside me>< i hate his TUTU train>< aikx.. you know what right.. ( Snooring ) adui.. dunno how many HORSEPOWER ar..>< luckily just one night.. then guess what? i'm back to 4A bed 1 again == the FREEZER.. because it's a four person ward..>< thanks god i didn't have to spend a night there xD then back to 5C AGAIN~! Oh my.. this time is bed 16== recent one was 17... booming right? then i spend one night here.. which is the fifth night.. the doctor said i may discharge on the next day if my platelet blood count is abouve 50>< ( normal should be among 150 to 400 , mine was 28>< nearly dead) adui.. then the next day.. i woke up with a happy mood.. thought can discharge d.. then ask the doctor to do me a blood test to check my platelet blood count level.. guess what? it just raised to 36 == then after noon, i checked again.. guess what? it raised to 44== i was so.. pek cek.. can't discharge..>< then around evening.. i DID ONE AGAIN.. omg..>< the third blood test of the day.. GUESS WHAT? it raised to......... 48~!!!!!!! WHAT THE...>< 2 to discharge and say bye bye to HOSPITAL>< aik.. then u have to stay another night>< then the doctor shifted me to 5C ward 23== i was so tired and angry but she still shift me here shift me there.... aik.. pek cek lor...>< but thank god...xD the next day i raised to 77~! yeepeee~! can discharge edi hehe... then i left with a happy mood and wondering where was i.. because i entered the hospital by the back door.. and shift here shift there inside.. and never know how the hospital looks from the outside.. it was nice..>< like our KLIA.. but a smaller version.. beautiful also no use>< service so CHA>< nevermind lar.. it's a general hospital.. no choice>< free mar hor? >< aik.. my first serious sick. first ward stay, first blood draw>< then drawn 20++ times..>< my elbow>< aik.. full of PORES.. dunno should consider as Pore protein or Carrier protein edi>< then the DRIP... aik.. so called 吊水.. ppl dripped for 9 pints... i dripped for 27 pints~!!! one pint is about 500 ml.. times 27 is... 27 x 500 ml = 13500 ml le.. whoa..... 13.5litres le.. plus i finished aboud 7 bottles of water in 7 days>< one big bottle of water is 1500 ml.. 1500 x 7 = 10500 ml.. which is 10.5 litre omg>< scary.. add it up is 13.5 + 10.5 = 24litres.. omg.. i didn't know i'm a water monster>< can you believe it?! omg.. whole ppl full of water.. but doctor says my body couldn't take much water, so must keep drip>< T.T it was a seven days day and night MARE.. aik.. thanks god it is over..>< haha.. finally i updated my blog=P

Sunday, July 26, 2009

birthday~! haha

明天就是我的生日了。。。十六年了。。哈哈。。真快啊。。 可是心情淡淡的。。不知道少了什么耶。。哎。。 希望我明天会很快乐。。不要影响自己明天的心情,很扫兴的叻。。哈哈。。

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Adui.. today add maths ar... very sui de lor>< last question actually correct d>< but i found the answer was just tooo big to be the possible answer so i.. used my PLUS to corrected it.. who knows finish correcting it the bell rang.. and i wrote non on it~! pek cek ar............ aik... cham lor.. hope don't fail>< tomorrow bio..>< our sampat and sot teacher said for those who doesn't pass 80 marks will have to do corrections for 100 times per question.. 100 TIMES~!!!! OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG...>< pek cek arrrr... dunno why recently so pek cek....>< luckily love things settle d>< now got another problem.. maybe too lonely? haha lol.. weird thinking.. who calls i'm corn the werido>< haha.. well many friends have come to an end recently>< dunno why.. the one i thought is always the right one is seemed to be the bad one== a lil bit dissapointed>< and quite pity the one whom always got gossip by the one i thought is always right>< thanks god i found the almost true but not yet true fact..== what am i talking about.. haha.. 3 weeks didn't update d.. type till hand got a lil bit numb.. haha.. sampat de.. and here i would like to share a joke, you guys know why one plus one equals to three but not two? there are two answer..
one, because the answer is wrong=)
second, because
FATHER + MOTHER = YOU~!.. and FATHER+MOTHER+YOU= ? 3~! haha.. maybe it's not funny.. but.. barely laugh a lil bit lar har.. k? haha cheer up guys!=)

Saturday, June 20, 2009


走进了 一座迷雾森林
谁的心事 被天使窃听

时间它帮我设计 下一秒
小心翼翼 揭开了面具

谁闯进我的场地 谁让我措手不及
我早就预备的剧情 你却给我一笔
狡猾地 致命地正中我红心

我跟谁变得亲密 谁逐渐离我远去
华丽演出共襄盛举 唯有你的背影

你按了我的门铃 我终於
紧张兮兮 对你说一句

全场观众都离席 剩下我
耳边听着 谢幕的歌曲

谁闯进我的场地 谁让我措手不及
我早就预备的剧情 你却给我一笔
狡猾地 致命地正中我红心

我跟谁变得亲密 谁逐渐离我远去
华丽演出共襄盛举 唯有你的背影

我搬到谁的隔壁 谁成了我的邻居
鸣谢生命有你参与 笑纳我的邀请
曲终人散却写下不会结束 的结局。。。

过了那么久。。我。。曾经与过三个神秘嘉宾。。每次她们离席时。。都会使我迷失在自己的森林里。。迷失了自己。。但是。。在许多时候,某些熟悉的背影,却让我看见光线。。使我能再度寻找到自己。。只是。。看你愿不愿意让自己走出来。。虽然过了两个礼拜。。我有时也会想起她。。但是我一直告诉我自己。。我必须走出去。。不该让感情的事来影响我。。因此。。我就到上了一具面具。。非常厚的面具。。不明白吧?哈哈。。我解释噢。。就是,我一直在掩盖自己的情绪。。压迫自己的情绪。。不让它爆发。。在很多朋友面前,我会办得很开朗。。呵呵。。但是。。那些背影。。@@。。他们都很明白我。。了解我。。都会知道我到底是什么心情。。哎。。说到这里就很感动。。我常常因为面子而伤害了他们。。可是他们。。还是对我很好。。使我内疚得很。。哎。。真的不懂该怎么办。。还有那些因为我而伤心的人。。我终于体会你们的感觉了。。原来是那么的恐怖。真的很抱歉。。哎。。突然睡不着。。就大了这些。。哈哈。。怪胎。。还有。。我不懂为什么那么多人怕见到我。。或是一见到我就怕。。谁能够跟我解释阿。。我不明白。。@@ 我像鬼哦?还是什么啊。。哎。。懂的人请告诉我。。><

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

aikxxx.. MooDy For Dayx...

Aikxx... dunno what am i moody of..@@ results? impossible><.. money? maybe.. Love? no idea... i just wish that i could have a happy life everyday.. but.. i'm thinking of how to escape from someone else..>< seeing her escaping me everyday by walking a longer and longer way away from my class to keep away from me i feels really sorry for her>< it might be very tiring..>< if as what her friend said she still have feelings on me but why does she do so and leave me endlessly painful here?!>< aik.. UseLess CorN><

Monday, June 15, 2009

what is it?!

today.. H1 N1 told me.. someone said she's scare when she see me.. aikx.. she's the third person..>< indeed... first , pine, second, ling, third, her.. aikxx.. am i realy so scary?! like a lion? or a tiger? or even KING KONG?! aikxx.. feels so depressed.. it's another time AGAIN.. i have to be hard for my life everyday to put someone in my heart down AGAIN..>< aikxx..

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


昨天。。六月九日是我表哥的生日。。哈哈。。当然。。十八岁的生日他爸爸也不想就这样算了。。所以就有了个生日会。。哈哈。。那。。生日会当中。。我见到了他女友。。哈哈。。shhh。。他父母不知道的。。哈哈。。但是他今年要的生日礼物。。。就是能有他自己的时间。。哈哈。。我们那里所有的年轻人都明白这句话的意思。。但是。。他父母却不知道。。哈哈哈哈哈哈。。真的是啊。。。。哈哈。。满羡慕的啦。。哎。。虽然有过两个女友。。可是都。。哎。。不懂啦。。至少都有超过八个月啦。。也许我的却是一个怪人?所以它们都变了心?>< 哎。。更糟的是。。我又得重新面对另一个害怕。。。zzzz 多谢某人。。也不是怪她啦。。只是。。至少现在我知道。。好感可以随便有的。。==。。 所以也很快。。就吹了。。对吧?== 总之我就是很气。。><。。气到要爆炸了啦。。!!!! 表面上我是说还要和你当朋友。。可是。。我通常会超过半年不跟你说话。。== 我想你也不会介意。。还好你说的时候。。是我最忙的那天。。所以我就让自己更忙。。哎。。不懂啦。。至少这不会让我觉得烦了。。 不懂为什么。。我还是很生气你。。==。。 是小气吗?还是因为我真的受伤了?不懂。。希望这三天去云顶可以把它忘掉。。也许很快。。但我一定要这么做。。不然开学后我就死定了。。又加上他每天都会早来。。 哎。。之前我朋友也有说过我。。找那么小的干吗?好骗哦?我就说。。因为他们专情。。他们就说不一定哦。。我也没听。。 我干姐就说。。那你有没有想过。。你明年就毕业了。。毕了业你的去读书。。这样一来你们就等于进入了远距离恋爱。。因为我不知道我会去那里读书。。多数不留在雪兰莪啦。。然后。。你等她毕业。。她又得读书。。这段时间我又在工作。。根本不是很能陪到她。。那时候感情也是会吹了的。。我觉得这一句话很有可能。。也很有意思。。== 所以我就想了想。。觉得我太不会想了。。又加上他那几天对我。。。>< 所以我才会提出他到底在想什么的问题。。结果。。就被拒绝啦。。我也不是很伤心。。毕竟我也有心理准备。。只是很气~!!!!!没关系。。。至少我明白了。。为什么。。小女孩不适合我。。因为。。他们还不清楚自己的想法。。而且我发现。。到了中三的女生。。。通常很会变心。。所以通常女生到了中三。。就会换一下男友。。然后呢。。中四旧稳定下来了。。这个时候是她们定终身的时候瓜。。哈哈。。真可惜。。已经六月了。。我却还没找到。。哎。。总觉得中四没有我要的类型。。== 眼光太怪?哈哈。。我发现我喜欢的都躲不过有戴眼镜哦。。哈哈。。哎。。没有了他也好。。我就能专心在做别的事。。比如说。。读书啊。。去关心朋友啊。。这一类的。。哈哈。。刚从营会回来。。认识了不少朋友。。其中呢。。认识了一个叫。。什么。。Beatrice 的女生。。他的名字还真怪哦。。我起初发音时用。。 beat rice.. 哈哈。。。打饭。。她很美啦。。说真的。。但我认识他不是因为她美。。哈哈。。是因为她会弹吉它。。然后我教堂又需要一位吉它手。。他又是基督徒。。太完美了。。哈哈。。他有问我能不能来弹。。我当然说可以。因为我就是要问他这个。。就这样。。我就拿到了他的电话号码。。哈哈。。很炸到吧?人家拿号码是问:小姐我可以认识你吗?哈哈。。感觉上我这么做很贱叻。。哈哈。。她和她的朋友还问我。。有没有画眼线。。== 哈哈。。很多人都问我这个问题。。然后就说我的眉毛很粗。。然后就说我想蜡笔小新。。==..haha。。真的是啊。。还有还有。。我的朋友就问我。。" 啊涛,为什么你不要去认识那几个美女?" 还没来得及回答。。我的朋友就说。。"我知道。。因为她很容易害羞。。哈哈。。脸很容易红。。"炸到哦。。哈哈。。但的确啦。。所以我不喜欢被人家叫去拍照。。哈哈。。哎。。我的folio还没赶完。。T.T..得带去云顶了。。哎。。